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I thought I’d put together a post of all different Runescape blogs to help newer blogs find more people! I remember when I first made my tumblr and I was hardly following anyone for a while because I couldn’t find anyone! So I’m gonna make it a lil easier and put some blogs into certain categories! I really hope this helps! Obviousily I will be tagging all the blogs I mentioned as well as giving a little discription of their blog, I am following all the blogs that I mention so I like them myself :3 xxx

This is definatley a post for those trying to find other Runescape blogs, I really hope you find some from this!

If I did not tag you in this, please don’t’ be offended! I follow over 600 different Runescape blogs so it’s a little difficult keeping track! ;’)

I have Definitely missed a ton of people, but I will be constantly adding to this, don’t worry! xxx

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Slowly working on my 1 def account. Gonna see what slayer level I can get with 1 or 10 defence unsure yet. Might end up making him a pure. Just wanted a challenge for the moment. Also a return to activity for me on RS :). Feel free to add me ingame: Mason Scapes and IV Mason IV

Last one

And another one

Another 4 wheel driving video

And I don’t know what he’s telling me
And I don’t know what he’s selling me
But I just know that if that goes up my nose, then I don’t wanna ever leave!
I’m like what’s-his-face, just bumped into what’s-his-face
And I’m still off my face, Will Sparks drop that break!

Drunk in a club, stumbling sideways, munching my gums
I’m drunk with a buzz, with the amphetamines under my tongue
But I can’t see nothing, nada, no lights it’s suddenly darker
I hear the bass pumping harder, voices, sounds, jumping, laughter

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