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And I don’t know what he’s telling me
And I don’t know what he’s selling me
But I just know that if that goes up my nose, then I don’t wanna ever leave!
I’m like what’s-his-face, just bumped into what’s-his-face
And I’m still off my face, Will Sparks drop that break!

Drunk in a club, stumbling sideways, munching my gums
I’m drunk with a buzz, with the amphetamines under my tongue
But I can’t see nothing, nada, no lights it’s suddenly darker
I hear the bass pumping harder, voices, sounds, jumping, laughter

You think your tears are hurting me.
It’s not me in the wrong like you think.
It’s actually you saying go out and see what happens.
Your the one who fucked up not me.
Threatening a man with nothing to fear but everything lose is a fucked up idea in the first place.
I may be the crazy one but I told you that from the get go.
Maybe I should have gone out and fucked everything that moves instead of settling down

There’s no room to drive at the end of the road
When you’re living in the cold not wearing a coat
The breeze turns tears to snow
Will they ever learn to love me?
Don’t fucking call me
Stop trying to reach me
I ain’t tryna hear all of your bullshit, just leave me
- Hopsin - Tears to Snow

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